The Royal Dental Group has a long history of providing dental equipment for all areas of dental specialties.  The combination of Biotec’s functional designs and customization capabilities, Royal’s expansive variety of specialized chairs and Proma’s delivery systems and lights provides a single source for equipping your specialty practice.

Made In USAA


Specialists depend on Royal’s pediatric, orthodontic and oral surgery chairs to satisfy their unique operational requirements.  Select the ideal combination of top and base to match your practice and budget.

Pediatric PD2

Motorized Height Control

  • Slim GP2 top, shorter/flatter seat for smaller patients
  • Motorized recline, auto return
  • Control switch on back panel
  • Arm-less contoured back option
  • 0° rotation

Orthodontic OR3

Manual Adjustable Height

  • 3 seat tops available
  • Motorized recline, auto return
  • Toggle foot control switch
  • Fixed pedestal / 0° rotation

Orthodontic OR2

Fixed Height Base

  • 3 seat tops available
  • Motorize recline, auto return
  • Control switch on back panel
  • Fixed pedestal / 0° rotation

Oral Surgery R16

Motorized Height & Tilt Control

  • Dbl articulating cradle headrest
  • 8-way IV arm board
  • Auto position & return
  • Paddle foot controls
  • Mod Trendelenburg position
  • Seat & back accessory rails


Biotec offers a wide variety of cabinetry solutions to compliment the differing demands of dental specialists.  Finalize your cabinet with unlimited color and material combinations to create a modern and pleasing environment.

Ortho Units

  • 3 series: Classic, “V” & Slim-Line
  • ETL listed
  • Integrated delivery systems
  • Customizable options

Pedo Benches

  • 3 designs
  • ETL listed
  • 10” raise at head end
  • Articulating headrest provides excellent oral cavity access

Oral Surgery

  • Ergonomically optimize equipment location
  • Conceal, atore & protect
  • Provide quick & easy access

Mobile Carts

  • 3 designs: Alabama, North Carolina & Doctor’s
  • New narrower design
  • Platinum & Value Packages


Proma offers brilliant, shadow free dental lights in both LED and quartz halogen color balanced styles with a variety of mounting options. Both styles will complement your Specialty practice.

LED Light

Proma LED light uses dual parabolic lenses for reflective illumination of the oral cavity.  The color corrected pattern is brightest in the center, soft around the edges and nearly shadow-free.  Adjustable intensity eases eye strain.

Halogen Light

Proma’s traditional halogen light uses a Xenon quartz halogen bulb brilliant, color corrected illumination.  This light has been the dependable mainstay of dentistry for years.