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  Operatory Layout
The operatory is the heart of the dental practice – plan it very carefully.

Analyze your operating system. Consider traffic flows, material flow, sink and plumbing locations. Evaluate working relationships; left-handed, right-handed, or both; two-handed or four-handed practice; types of procedures to be supported.

One size does not fit every practice
Determine the preferred location and delivery method for the dental handpiece system.
Chair-mounted – Flexible operation, easy to integrate,
numerous configurations.

Twelve o'clock – Out of patient's view, facilitates
four-handed operation.
Side delivery – Unit can be stowed out of view,
good for tight spaces.

Define the items that need to be in the operatory. Determine whether it is a primary - or secondary-use item, and which team member will use it most often. Determine utility requirements, such as air, water, electric (separate circuit?), ventilation, drainage, gases, etc.

Make a list – Identify a home for each item required in the treatment area.
Amalgamator Nitrous-oxide system
Clock/timer Operating light
Communication system Prescription pads
Cup/towel dispensers Tray/cassette storage
Curing light(s) Tub storage
Electrosurge Ultrasonic scaler
Extra instruments X-ray machine
Glove dispensers X-ray viewer
Loupes with light source  

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Operatory Layout
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